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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
He is so fantastic no one wants him to coach! Sit him right down beside Carbonneau as another "fantastic, excellent" coach no one wants.

So this is all you have? Ofcourse we wont find you defending him, you can barely attack him let alone defend him.

I see his vision clearly, he wanted to rid the team of bad contracts, move away from small injury prone forwards and stockpile picks for the future. We are not cracking the human genome here. I bet had Gionta not been injured he would have been traded and if the new CBA hadn't been just around the corner Gomez would have been buried.

Gauthier got a job almost immediately with a cup contender, seems like the hockey world disagrees with your "indepth" assessment.
Cool story bro. The hockey world fired him and gave him a severe demotion. Martin is more accomplished, saying otherwise is insanely biased.

I like how you say "that is all you have?" as if someone asked me to state his faults earlier. Sorry for cutting to the chase.

He wanted to get rid of bad contracts so he got bourque and kaberle. YESSSS SUCCESS.

Cammalleri didn't perform but he was our best forward in playoffs, it's not like he was an absolute failure like Bourque in a habs jersey.

Anyway, suit yourself. I really don't care. He got fired from his position as a GM. He did not get rehired as a GM. Hey, I used to be a CEO somewhere and got fired but I'm not bad because I got hired as a Supervisor elsewhere. Yes, so relevant.

So, Pierre Gauthier moved from a position where his vision matters to one where it doesn't? Holy ****, big surprise.

Get over it man. I don't think Gauthier is scum but he sucked. He didn't do **** in anaheim and he didn't do **** here.

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