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Originally Posted by icKx View Post
If union wages outpace those of other workers it is because it is the union's job to see that wages rise commensurate with profits and productivity. The majority of the US workforce has not benefitted from the tremendous productivity gains in the past three decades. Real wages are stagnant. If the minimum wage kept pace with productivity from 1968 to 2012 it would be $21.72 per hour. Which, coincidentally, is roughly the starting wage of an automobile assembly line worker. Why is any of this a union problem and not an inequality problem?
But it is also the unions job to be better organizers in other industries and share the wealth.

There is only so much the automakers can make. Once they own a modest house in the burbs, do you think they're going to fight company goons at the underpass?

Nope. The union movement got fat and sloppy and hasn't been at their fighting weight for years. They needed to be fighting for Wal-Mart workers and restaurant workers and Target workers. And had unions been bringing these workers along, they would have had some support when the Big 3 took a hatchet to their contracts.

Unions are a tricky business in a society as obsessed with the individual as America is.

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