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Originally Posted by mapleleaf979 View Post
Zach Wilkie #3 on the JR Canadiens is most likely a second round pick in this draft, So i disagree with u on that JR canadiens point. But I do agree that team lacks depth in a big way. Sharipov #88 is an interesting prospect in my opinion and so is Will Lawrence#27, not in the first 2 rounds though.

Noah Jordan Im not big on this player. He is 6-5 and plays very soft. He avoids physical confrontation alot. IVe seen smaller guys toss him around. His size is very appealing for some teams if they think they can develop other parts of his game. I dont see him being productive in the OHL in next year.

Korostelev is invisible without the puck on his stick, makes little impact in his own zone. His sniping abilites are best Ive seen but u have to consider the 200 feet game isnt there. I got carried away yesterday suggesting he could go #2, I dont see it happening. Its still early though. No way Id take him at #2 if the draft was tomorrow. Top 10 yes.

Matthew Spencer I feel similar about him as u do. He reminds me so much of Roland MCkeown its not even funny. Mckeown was more consistent than Spencer on a game to game basis, but the skating and stick skills, the poise, the positioning are unbelieveable. He and Lizotte are 2 of my favourites.

Blake Speers may be the fastest skater available in the draft. He was being heavily scouted this morning by a few OHL gm's who were talking about him. Speers is a first round pick no doubt.

Im on the opposite end than u are about Marner. If he was 6-0 he would be a first round pick, sad but true. I commented above about him, thats how I see him. The opinions on this player vary greatly from one person to another.
Jordan will get alot of big looks because of his size and the organization, and will be at least a 2nd round pick.

Wilkie this morning looked like a fish out of water against the Waxers. To me he played like at best, a 4th or 5th rounder.

Speers is a great playmaker, an has good speed, but not as quick as Konecny. He will go to the Soo or Sudbury or North Bay, late firs round if possible, or early 2nd round. His agent and parents should make it happen.

Marner's older brother is 6'1"-6'2" in height, and mom seems to be 5'9". He will grow in a year or two, and if he can maintain his deceiving speed, vision, skill, he will definitely be a top end player.

Lizotte is a big , sturdy , stay at home dman, but I dont think he has the mobility of a Spencer or Henley. But I agree, he will be a first round pick for sure, probably around 12-16.

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