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Originally Posted by Vincent Vega View Post
Those promo's HBK was cutting during the Hogan feud were all fantastic. Possibly some of the best from the 00's. All the reports online were talking about the backstage beef between HBK and Hogan because of difficulties on the creative side of the things, and from the way HBK spoke, you could just tell there was some legit anger brewing.
He also delivered some great promos in his feuds with Hart, too. Always felt real and always were passionate. But he's still not on Austin's level. Austin could make a sing-along work. Austin could get a "what" chant and take it to different levels. He also was great at knowing when to be serious and bad ass.

I think HBK is underrated when it comes to his mic skills, but that's because we most recognize him for his funny comedy skits w/ DX. They were more entertainment as opposed to just cutting a promo.

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