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12-28-2012, 12:13 AM
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I'll ride Dionne on these boards once in a while, but he beats Selanne in this poll for sure. Selanne has the Cup and a couple of nice playoff runs later in his career (which led to a Cup) but before that his playoff portfolio was very much like Dionne's. I think we can all agree that neither Selanne or Dionne brought a whole lot to the table in the form of intangibles so we are judging them on their offense. Dionne just simply wins this because he didn't have any breaks in his career. Just the normal ones (first couple years and then last years of tailing off). But in between we are talking about a perennial 100+ point guy for 12-13 years. That is just insane and there has to be a time when you just can't ignore the offense a player brings. Selanne has the international career to make up for it a bit but that still leaves him clearly behind.

If Selanne doesn't have that gap in his career of about 4 years (2000-'04) then we may have a different ballgame. But he did have that gap and Dionne was a player who just kept scoring year after year. He competed with Lafleur, Trottier, Bossy and for a year and a bit, Gretzky. He outpointed guys like Perreault, Clarke and Sittler by large degrees. Eventually you just have to say enough is enough.

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