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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
Hey all,

Lost my eBay bid on the x60 so I'm trying a two piece combo.

I found an x60 shaft... What blade goes well here, and how do I put it together?

I could theoretically buy an apx blade and still come in under 200, but id like to save more in this case. Any tips would be great.
Originally Posted by AIREAYE View Post
If it's a retail X:60 shaft, you'd be putting tapered blades in there. That would include things like the Reebok 11K, Easton Mako/SE16, APX/X:60 like you said, Warrior Dolomite/Dynasty, CCM U+CS, CCM Vector or U+, Harrow 300 etc.

Clearance Warriors seem to be the cheapest option among higher end tapered blades, followed by the Dynasty and Harrow 300. I personally have a Dynasty blade in my Dolo shaft and like the feel, although it is admittedly softer than other top end blades I've tried (in one piece form), not as soft as a mid-end stick though.
As an avid shaft/blade user, I'll just add that for the best fit, it can be a good idea to stick with the same brand (i.e. pair a tapered Bauer shaft with a tapered Bauer blade). You certainly can mix and match, but sometimes the fit isn't perfect, and will require tape shims if the fit is loose, or even a bit of filing if the fit is too tight. If you stick with the same brand, then the fit is generally excellent. I find this to be especially true with tapered shaft/blades, the sizes seem a bit less uniform across brands than they are with standard shaft/blades.

If balance is important to you, you should definitely go for a high end blade, cheaper blades are heavy and will give your stick awful balance. Bauer X:60/Apx blades are super light, but can be a touch pricey. Agreed with AIREAYE about the Warrior Dynasty blades, they're pretty good, especially if you like a softer feel, but they aren't as light as an X60 blade. BASE make good tapered blades too (not a fan of their shafts or OPS sticks, but the blades are nice), lightweight and durable, and they're available in an extremely wide range of curves/lies as well.

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