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12-28-2012, 01:10 AM
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Originally Posted by Zetterberg View Post
Luongo getting pulled twice in one series shows that the Canucks COACH saw a problem with the goaltending. Furthermore, in the NHL, an 8 goals-allowed can be and should be attributed to the goalie every time. If he's so elite, then I don't care if he has no defensemen at all, he shouldn't be getting lit up THAT hard. Maybe any other goalie wouldn't have changed a loss to a win, but I would think they could've made it less of a complete embarrassment. Even if not abysmal, Luongo had at the least a rather bad game in both games 3 and 4, and a case could be made for game 6 as well. He was not elite.

I can accept that. It may have been lost in there somewhere, but my initial intent was to show that it's ludicrous to not attribute any of the Canucks' misfortunes to Luongo being, to some degree, rather inconsistent in the biggest hockey series there is (unless you want to say Olympics, but that's an entirely different argument).

I never said that he was solely responsible, just that it seems to make more sense to put the brunt of responsibility on him, as it makes more sense than blaming several other players simultaneously. See above. I can understand your points though.
The fact that Luongo gave up 8 goals has more to do with him specifically asking AV not to pull him. And the entire argument that "good goalies dont give up 8 goals" is silly because even Roy gave up 9 goals once (ironically in the same circumstance but in his case it was the coach refusing to pull him)

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