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In regards to the ideas that he will grow into his top-6 role the way Cally did, he will lack the shift in shift out push and drive and consistency he'll need to elevate his game. Having that said, he suffers from what many younger players are most susceptible to and that's finding a way to channel his skill set. Watching Step play is sometimes really frustrating because you know he can execute but the lack of speed and ability to make something happen really impedes his opportunities to be effective on paper.

Step needs to find another dimension to his game different from simply elevating his game. Cally is slightly better than average at everything and has a lot of Callyness and step has potential to have a lot more finesse. I'm not pulling a "Bolland is better than Callahan" by the way. Right now though, he's not channeling his forces well.

Step is our best dictionary "break-out year" candidate. I really do think it's a matter of finesse and channeling his abilities better. The inconsistencies he has had in the two regular seasons and his unsatisfactory performance in the playoff comes down to not being able to execute. When the games are that much tougher in the playoffs, execution becomes even more important.

Being clutch is almost playing the situation and adapting to it and with Step there's an absolute sense of inflexibility to his approach sometimes.

I'm a bit of a nut job and a mentalist so my take on everything analytic tends to go toward a different dimension
There's always potential in the world of hockey players. The difference between a player who's drafted in the late rounds but manages to crack a top 9 or even a top 6 spot and a player who's draft in the first 3 rounds that fails to crack that same spot is their ability to channel their skill set as hockey players and execute.

Much like cooking, the conceptualization of a dish is only as good as the execution of it and among the elite who all have their version of the perfect conceptualization, it comes down to execution at every step of the way and that's where Step needs to channel his energies and focus toward.

Every player tends to have something they're consistently able to bring tot he table almost every single game. Richie always carries the ability to make plays and initiate and offensive push. Gabby doesn't falter often when in good position to score goals. Boyle on the 3rd or 4th line can really grind out a shift in the offensive zone gaining momentum and taking pressure off the D and making the opposition play D. They all do these things pretty darn consistently but with step, he does some things well from time to time and then he'll disappear from that role for a few games and then show up being consistent for 4 games at something else.

Stamkos scoring all the goals from his golden spot is a microcosm of what I was just rambling about. When you have that role you play and can execute time after time, a rhythm develops and strengths are brought to the forefront where they can be execute. Step needs to find consistency within strengths. Within lines and line ups, it's difficult to produce consistently without a niche. Being average at everything is fine. The problem is the lack of consistency within the average and also lack of a silver bullet skill set if that makes sense.

I'm going to be bombarded by someone because I said too much and left too many holes

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