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Originally Posted by caps4cup View Post
Kreider is all speed. Nothing else. He's like Viktor Stalberg lite.

As much as I'd like to disagree, this isn't a terribly wrong assessment. He's got speed and also a great shot and a lot of size, but not much of anything else.

Even Hartford color commentators have mentioned the other day that Torts told Kreider to "be fast" and that's all he had to do in the playoffs, but now he's having trouble with an expanded role in Hartford.

Because he was a rookie 2 days out of college, we all forgave his mistakes and marveled every time he did anything right. The bar for him last year was terribly low. He cleared that bar and scored a few goals. But there were several games where he was simply not any good.

Now in Hartford, he's just bad more often than not. He take the puck, runs up with it, runs into a defenseman, loses the puck and then disappears for the next 15 minutes. Then he has one more of these rushes.

Christian Thomas is also less than impressive so far in Hartford, but at least he's using his shot in a much more effective way and generally looks better than Kreider.

The guy is big, fast and has a good shot, which excites us all, but let's keep in mind that hockey sense is probably the most important thing for a player. Look at Stepan. He's not awfully fast, he's not huge and he doesn't blast the puck, and yet, he's a very solid second liner because he's so smart. Kreider, on the other hand, is making AHL defensemen look like impenetrable walls into which he runs into head first.

Despite being big, he's not using his size.

Despite being fast, he's not using it to breeze by his opponents.

Despite having a great shot, he's not scoring, with even Tommy Grant scoring more while playing on the 4th line.

I hope all this will change, but if more people subscribed to AHL Live or went to games, there would be a lot of people here disappointed with his performance this year.

His utter lack of stickhandling ability isn't helpful either. I'm not saying he should do spin-o-ramas like Kovalev did at the same age, but hell, how about moving to the side so that you go around the defenseman instead of into him, causing turnovers?

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