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12-28-2012, 03:15 AM
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Originally Posted by DJB View Post
I appreciate the response, but we are talking about a prospect that is supposedly near NHL ready. Kids in Bantam are being taught the fundamentals but Z should already know all of that.

I suppose that yes he could improve his hockey sense, but I don't really recall any prospects/NHL players vastly improving their hockey sense once in the NHL.

Just look at Foligno and Fisher. MSP is another prospect that is having a very difficult time adjusting to the NHL simply because he can no longer just skate around everyone. He has very limited hockey sense and his production is not on par where it should be. Not saying Z is the next MSP but just giving an example.
Didn't see this until I posted the last one..

He is NHL ready in the fact that he could step in and easily play a 3rd or 4th line checking roll EASILY. But that is not what the Sens want for him as he needs to develop his offensive game. This is why he was sent back last year, this is why he will probably stay in the minors for the majority of this year if the lockout is somehow lifted. Anyone who thinks he's capable right now of putting up offensive numbers in the NHL should not be taken seriously. What you are questioning is his hockey sense based on what very well may be an uncomfortable foreign experience for MZ. Until he's had time to adjust and develop without any injuries then we can truly assess if this is a problem for MZ.

He very may well be the next MPS.. He may not be. Personally I think he plays with more edge than MPS and is more defensively responsible therefore he still has value to an NHL roster regardless if his offensive touch ever surpasses the 30 - 40 point range. Obviously this would be a disappointment.

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