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12-28-2012, 04:40 AM
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Originally Posted by Ronnie Coleman View Post
Anyone ever have any success with this?

Just started my 14 day trial on Looking forward to digging up some dirt on my family.
For the love of god, please don't get click-happy on there and build another stupid, ridiculously bad tree. I've done a ton of good stuff on Ancestry, but some of the "research" I come across on that site makes me want to cry.

Prove things. Ask yourself if it's possible this John Smith is simply a random guy who happens to have the same name, etc. Don't assume that the trees on there are truth.

Sorry. I love genealogy and have to rant about this stuff.

I have my tree on Ancestry. I have all my great-great-grandparents, most third-great and seven fourth-great-grandfathers. Since I'm 31/32 Irish Catholic working class, I may never get much further back than I am right now. I'm looking into DNA testing to see what the possibilities are there.

Speaking generally, Ancestry's effectiveness for you depends on where your family is from and how much time you have to put in. Pretty good for American records. Not so hot for many other countries. The Irish records they have, for example, can pretty much all be found elsewhere and mostly for free. Still, I got a six-month World subscription which is a couple weeks from ending (will not renew) and I have no regrets.

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