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Originally Posted by Bank View Post
I would be more positive about the SEL going Nordic and including one or two teams from Denmark and Norway Just makes more sense to me...

Would rank it:
1. Danish team in Nordic League
2. Danish teams in Danish League
3. Danish team in KHL. Not very keen on that idea. (Btw. DenGC - Did you put a lot of thoughts into that team? If so I would love to hear why you chose some of the players you did. Some of them came a bit out left field for me)
I agree with you there. I would not think most danish fans would find any eastern KHL teams that interesting. I Nordic league based mostly on SEL (and SM-liiga?) and including for instance a west-Denmark team played from Boxen maybe (Herning) and a east-Denmark team from the Copenhagen Multiarena and also a few Norwegian teams would be preferable from a fan point of view. The danish league could still excist and feed players to the nordic league teams (that currently go to Sweden anyways, so no loss there in reality for danish hockey).
If Copenhagen could support a major team in the danish league to prevent the teams from Jutland dominating totally would also be good for hockey popularity.
Keeping the danish league as a development league is very good for danish hockey, since very young players get the chance to play against adults.

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