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12-28-2012, 07:32 AM
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I think the thing that make ppl hype kreider is the fact he has to potential to score 30 goals a season only 30 players scored 30 last year
However I don't see kreider as the sort of player to dominate his opponents more of a player who will be a benafishary of good line mates he is not the sort of player that will get more assists than goals I think for him it will be the otherway round but I think 30-20 for kreider I will be over the moon with 20-15 I see as his lowest

As ppl have said he is all the s's

But I don't c him as the kind of player that has an amazing hockey IQ
But how many teams wouldn't want a prospect with the potential to score 30 as there isn't many out there But must admit some of the excuses iv heard r stupid management hav told him to go easy incase of injuries lol but put kreider with players who can get him puck in good areas to make his shot effective and the goals will take care of them selfs

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