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12-28-2012, 06:47 AM
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Originally Posted by _Del_ View Post
I like MacArthur. Really, I do. I think he gets knocked for things that aren't his fault, but there is no way I'd move Klesla for him. If you don't think you'd move him for less than Klesla, that's certainly your prerogative.
Lombardi is a retread at this point. Would Phoenix look at him as a free agent? Probably, because they could use a bottom six center and he has experience with Tippett. Would I pick him up on his current contract for a half-season run before he hits free agency? Not if it meant giving up anything at all meaningful. Mid-round pick would be all that I'd offer up. Connelly is more tempting, but only very little.
I don't see a spot for Franson with Phoenix. Even with Klesla gone, I'd rather see Stone/Summers/Schlemko. I'm not of the opinion, that Franson is crap, but I don't see that he is any better than the bottom pairing guys Phoenix has in the system. I think Stone and Summers both have more upside (and are both younger and are NHL-ready). Schlemko was surprisingly reliable last year. I'm not sold on him, but I think he's comparable to Franson at this point; they both have talent. Franson's certainly not more interesting long-term than guys like Gormley, Rundblad, etc so it lacks appeal on that level, too.
There is zero motivation to move a rock-solid defenseman on a reasonable contract for a solid 2nd line winger with an expiring contract and two plugs, imo. Nevermind adding a 3rd rounder for the privilege.
Really, it comes down to valuation. If a season does happen, it's likely going to be with a prorated $70m cap, simply to ensure it can start as quickly as possible. That means guys who have 1-year contracts will have cap hits that are pretty much irrelevant, as so few teams are near the $70m mark.

If the Coyotes wanted MacArthur for the season, or a player like him. They'd have to pay, and the cost would be substantially more than a 3rd round pick. Similar with Lombardi, who probably would cost less than a 3rd, but still have a cost associated. Of course, Phoenix isn't in a position to give up draft picks for rentals,, nor are they in a position to give up a guy like Rostislav Klesla with the risk of losing him for nothing afterwards, so you add in a Franson-3rd swap, which is probably a win on the valuation side for the Coyotes.

Maybe Franson isn't the right piece, and a 3rd team needs to get involved to give the Coyotes a forward prospect or pick instead of Franson.

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