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Originally Posted by Leafsdude7 View Post
That's not the type of action i was talking about. Turning away from a hit is much different than ducking into one. Turning away from a hit is a natural action of evasion to take and not something I have a problem with at all. IMO, we need to teach players to react to that action like we teach them to react to a goalie's poke-check on a breakaway. So many times the hit from behind when someone turns away towards the boards happens in easily enough time to at least let up enough to prevent serious injury, but the attacker instead continues to steamroll through the player.

Ducking into a hit, on the other hand, in something that is much harder to react to, as it's a single part of the player's body (head) that is moving, instead of the whole body as happens when they turn away from a hit. I've never played at a high level myself so I can't say for sure, but I'd imagine the hitter is not looking at the head when they throw a hit, or at least they shouldn't be.
The end result is the same. They both knowingly put themselves into a vulnerable position. The fact that one of these scenarios is considered to be a "natural action of evasion" is a huge problem, IMO.

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