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12-28-2012, 07:58 AM
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Originally Posted by TonsofPuppies View Post
First rule of hockey is to keep your head up. Being ignorant doesn't grant immunity. You Europeans need to wake up and learn how the world works.
And you need to learn how not to generalize, who excactly is "you Europeans"?

It's really funny how some of the oh so tough people around here whine about pretty much everything. The soccer comments are kind of cute, I guess they come from people who never actually played real soccer and just think they are really witty if they talk badly about it based on some diving clips they saw on youtube. Those very same guys would probably cry for their mother the first time they were tackled.

The comment about "Canadians" knowing more about hockey than "Europeans" was hilarious as well. Here's a hint, just because you were born in the country were a sport was invented doesn't mean you automatically know everything about it. Those who have real knowledge usually don't feel the need to gloat about their "superior knowledge" anyway. It's those who have no clue and feed of someone elses glory who can't stop talking about how great they are.

It's the same with success. Suddenly people talk about winning as if they had anything to do with it, being all smug about "their" success, while in truth even the worst player in the tournament would probably wipe the floor with them.

There are people who know something and people who don't. None of that has much to do with nationality.

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