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Originally Posted by Riptide View Post
Thanks. Its under the assumption that they had played 82 games this year AND had 5% growth (although growth is adjustable). Yes it's unrealistic, however I'm not sure how/what else to put there in year 1 (2012) for revenue.
I would like to continue this, because I still don't get it. The revenue column means, "For the season ending in the year in column B, there was this much revenue" Is that right? That would mean, in 2011-12, there was the often assumed 3.3B in revenue.

Then, I would assume, and here is where I may be wrong, that, under a full season with normal revenue increases, that the increase for 2012-13 would be $3.3b * .05, right? But the spreadsheet is somehow double counting that.

The formulae in cells c6 and c18 are unlike all the rest, and that is the part that confuses me. I don't understand why the calculation for both of those years can't be the same as the rest. (Again, I understand we are assuming 'normal increases in revenue' and 'a full season played' because how all that gets dealt with if they play remains to be seen).

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