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12-28-2012, 07:39 AM
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the best name one of the scammers ever used for himself when contacting me was…drumroll…”Success Adams”. That’s the name he chose. Success. oh, I jerked him around for quite some time for having the audacity to call himself Success. I imagined him picking the name based solely on his reputation on scamming. like, all the ‘employee of the month’ awards had his picture right under them…when he walks around the office, ladies swoon. guys wants to be him. so, he cracked his knuckles, selected my email address, and just to be a braggart goes ‘hey guys…watch this.” and brazenly signs the email “Success”, to the whooping cheers and laughter of his mates. basically, I pictured this guy as Sack from wedding crashers.

saugus, do you really troll them?

I only ask because I do the same thing. I also create and send my own custom made ones to friends occasionally. an excerpt of one i sent last year:

Hello American Friend)

I am writes to you because I need your help. Captain Mufassa has taken President in hostage and we are requesting!!

I have an idea about how we can over-throw Mufassa and free the people of Nigeria. And here it is. First, you will send me a check for 250000 liters of dollars. Then, I will lure the Mufassa out of his vegetable garden with it. Finally, he will be so scared that he will mail you a check for 500000 liters. This works, American friend. You can spend your wealth on compact discs, musical players, or Rolling Skates. I am righting to you, only, because only you can chase Mufassa out of the Garden. This is no joke!

If your interests are such that, please reply to this email. You have to trust that I am not a part of the Mufassa Alliance, and will not rest until our President's reign is forever! Thank you brother!

Lord Uwa Ah-boo-Pah-Nee
Special President Helperman

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