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12-28-2012, 08:51 AM
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Luongo didn't play as well in the SCF as he has statistically, in the regular season? You don't say?

What is more interesting to me is the Luongo we have now. Months of speculation and character assasination must have had some effect? Worse, how will a lost season affect him? He'll be an older goalie eighteen months out of hockey.

If there is a season, I hope the fanbase isn't expecting a team altering return. I don't think it's coming. We have been told the Canucks quietly offered Luongo at the deadline. Then, they had months to do a trade last summer? That isn't what I thought the market would be like at all.

Canucks would be well served to chase picks, if they had another GM. Gillis is too wacky to build through the draft. He did days of psych tests and interviews and still drafted Hodgson. At any rate, the offered returns aren't going to push anybody over the top.

Gillis might get it. He might think the draft is too uncertain and trade for young players or good prospects. That would be ideal, if there are some offered. This is why an Edmonton deal would be awesome. I think Dubnyk has moved them out of the market, though.

Canucks would be lucky to get a young roster player, now. Why? It's because the market has spoken and we still own Luongo. It's time to take the medicine and move him to Florida for a second round pick, if they really want him off the team? Otherwise, why do it? It's not like his market value will get worse. If anything, the danger is that he'll retake the starting job and Schnieder will be back-up.

I suggest now is not the time for a Luongo trade. He shopuld be allowed to compete in camp for the starting job and moved if he demands it. otherwise, the puny offers aren't enough to trade away a decent goalie for.

Luongo for a roster player with size and grit, or forget about it.

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