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12-28-2012, 09:22 AM
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We shall serve no prospects before their time.

I'm all for not rushing prospects, but good lord the WBS penguins are awful in many ways.

A Rhetorical question, is it truely better to have a promising propect languish on a bad team but get more minutes. Or is it better for them to go up with more talent but less minutes.

I'm trying to not use examples of specific players. My thoughts are that if players are playing the correct way even when others around them are not, or the results are not there that it's ok. BUT, I've seen this especially as a goalie but in general for all players where people tend to pick up bad habits and do things they shouldn't when you are not winning and nothing is working.
That's when you'll see that guy try to carry the puck when he shouldn't, or see the goalie over commit or play both the shot and the pass at the same time, etc.

I am not a frequent live watcher of the WBS pens, but some of what really stood out to me upon reflection is that Zatkoff has not been adversely effected yet, but I see some of the players on the team doing things that they might not do if everything is clicking. I am concerned that players like Morrow have regressed development wise and I'm not sure if that's a function of growing pains or the environment being non-conducive. But taking particular players out of the discussion, let's discuss this at a more concept/abstract level.

I know this has been discussed from time to time in other threads, but thought it would be an interesting discussion on it's own. (if the mods don't agree then feel free to do what mods do)

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