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12-28-2012, 09:55 AM
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Originally Posted by loudi94 View Post
People should follow him because of who he is. He rides horses, stops pucks and shoots animals. His twitter is for people that want to see that. If they don't, they can unfollow. No one is forcing them to see.
I do agree that if he is concerned about his "image" to people who don't care about him as anything other than a marketing tool, that he should be more careful.
Bull. People are following him because he is the starting goalie - not because of ''who he is'', or his hobbies, or what he stands for. He could be interested in drag racing, or poll dancing, they'd still be following him.

He needs to understand that GUNS and KILLING ANIMALS are going to strike a sensitive cord with people.

IMO, quite immature on his part - there are more important subject matters in the world to invite criticism and confrontation over.

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