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Originally Posted by sXe
Never get past the 2nd, boy that is funny. Let me just stop laughing for a second here... No I can't stop, you are so witty.
Your obvious comedic talents aside, grit has left the Shanahan building long ago.
And, if you don't understand yet where BG is heading with this team it's not worth explaining it.
A tad arrogant are we? I have been following the Habs for 35+ years and have worked in the hockey industry; the condescension doesn't work on me, but thanks for trying.

I have an IDEA of where Gainey is heading with this team, and it includes getting grittier and bigger. I don't profess to know exactly what his master plan is, unlike you, but his moves over the past two years have indicated this:

As was stated yesterday - he's replaced Audette, Juneau, Perreault and Dackell with Bonk, Murray, Begin and Downey. Why would the acquisition of Shanahan stray from that plan? Expalain it to me; is Shanahan not closer in size, grit, style to a Murray than an Audette? I really don't know where you're coming from, and it's not because I'm a twit as you seem to be implying.

Shanahan is still wayyyyyyyyyyy grittier than Perezhogin, Zednik, Ryder....well, name a Hab forward. Not only that, but he can still outscore all of of them as well. Yeah; you're completely correct; I guess he doesn't fit our style.

Anyway - Langenbrunner is still my first choice, but to say Shanahan wouldn't be a good fit because he doesn't fit the Habs' 'style' is what's truly comedic.

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