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12-28-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Seems like a pretty typical Kreider thread.

1. Same posters saying, "Oh, I'm not hating. I've been a fan of Kreider.." or "I wish I was wrong, but he's playing so badly.." or "I've REALLY seen him. Nobody else is REALLY watching him.."? Check.

2. People taking shots at the Rangers fan base who are singlehandedly driving the the hype machine, even though dozens of media outlets, scouts, and other individuals have raved about Kreider's overall potential? Check.

3. Posters naming one of their own struggling prospects to show how unbiased they are? Check.

4. Claims being made about how he's never put up huge numbers, and thus will never amount to anything, as if no other player in history has been average in college only to still become a very good NHLer. Check.

Any reasonable fan with a half-decent knowledge of Kreider realizes he has plenty of things to improve on. Hell, even Tortorella mentioned that about a thousand times in pressers last season. Stop acting as if Rangers fans are the only people who think highly of him, and that the dozen posters who think he can do know wrong represent the majority. You can't make any definitive statements about a kid after 18 games, and you sure as hell can't start saying, "Ha! I told you so! All of you!" after 30 games on team that would probably get thrashed by a beer-league squad.

Kreider has always needed someone to get him the puck. He's not a one-on-one dangler, he's not a superior play maker, he's a kid with great speed, size, and a lethal shot. Give him a guy who can feed him the puck, and you can see what he's capable of. Stick him on a team with guys who pass as well as my cat, and you see how he struggles. However, I'll never understand why so many people continue to see the former as "an excuse" while the latter is treated as the end-all-be-all of scouting reports.
I assume you're passively-aggressively addressing me, so I'll take a second.

I'm sorry if it seemed like I'm implying that it's just Rangers fans. I agree with you, everybody, from scouting agencies, to announcers, everybody. You're quite right. People (Fans, scouts, media) see he size and speed and, to be honest, the 'good American kid' thing, and they want him to be more than he is.

I absolutely agree with you. He does need someone to give him the puck. His primary assets are his speed and size and shot.

So my direct question to you is, how is he elite? How is he a top20 prospect? He can't create his own offense, so how is he elite? If you can't create your own offense in the AHL, how are you supposed to do it in the NHL?

Maybe he's only ever a great shot and wheels and a big body in the NHL. He can still be a really useful player, like Hagelin, but he won't be a first line player.

Stop acting so high and mighty. No one in this entire thread has claimed that Kreider will "amount to nothing' based on his college stats. I'm using them as an example of why he has limited upside.

But I guess to you making sarcastic remarks about my points ("I've REALLY seen him. Nobody else is REALLY watching him..") is the only way to respond to them?

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