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12-28-2012, 11:28 AM
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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
That's an overstatement. Given the composition of the other group, the only way to avoid that "big mess" would have been to win our own group, and I don't think any of us figured even before today that it was going to be a cakewalk.

Yes, we had the better team on paper and I'm disappointed we didn't win, but it's not like the result was a huge upset either. The prospect of the Czechs being the better team on ice was always there.

Looking forward, well... losing to Switzerland would mean we'd be in a mess. But as of right now, we're still steadily on the ground that's going to carry us into the medal round. The odds are we'll have to carve that road through the QF now, which is going to make it harder but far from impossible. This team has already shown it can beat any opponent in this tournament. They just need to get their s**t together and start playing like it.

After all, we still have a very strong group of forwards, defense of the ages, and hey... after today's game it's pretty safe to say that we have extremely solid netminding as well. All the pieces required to win gold are there. Now, it's up to the players and the coaches to find the way to put together the right picture. I still have faith in 'em.
Russia is too strong. So is Canada. I bet Swedes are too. And USA for sure. We'll see about Switzerland. But a medal is just too much asked. Let's be realistic. This team is not good enough. F. ex. 1st line is downright bad. One Armia won't win the games.

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