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Originally Posted by Milliardo View Post
You're asking the wrong question. What legimate top 6 players have the Pens had in the last 10 years who spent significant time in the minors, i.e. where the Pens had a chance to develop them? You might be suprised if you check the list.
define significant, no one is coming to mind. Kunitiz, Dupuis, Neal, Crosby, Malkin are 5 of our top 6. TK is NOT imo a legit top 6. He is a top 9 player. But we have always seemed to find our top 6 wingers elsewhere even our cup runs you look and see our top wingers come from the outside. Even looking at our defense last year.
Letang, 11 games in the AHL.
Niskanen/Martin/Michalek, FA
Orpik had 2 seasons in WBS.

So as far as our top ~4 D goes only one spent any real time in the A. This begs yet more questions. Are legit impact players typically aged in the AHL for 2 seasons? (i.e. top 4 D, or top 6 O) In our own team's case it seems the answer is no thus far. So are we overly optimistic that *this* time Morrow and Bennett will be impact players, because things will work out that way *this* time?

Personally I think those 2 have a legit chance to be top 4/top 6 in their respective areas, but we don't have a very good history of producing talent at those levels out of WBS. Is it because of the system or the talent we are drafting? dunno.

Dulomin has a shot if history is a guide, as gogo spent 3 seasons developing in the NCAA before spending 1 full season with WBS. But it looks kinda bleak for those coming straight from Juniors to WBS if they spend significant time there.

For myself I lean towards the side of putting people with legit talent in with other people with legit talent. They might not get the minutes, but I watched England in the A, he's is worlds better now after spending a full season in the NHL playing 3rd line minutes. I've seen that time and time again where a player that gets huge minutes in the AHL, gets called up and stays up for an extended period. They come back down for conditioning or just demoted and they are always way better then when they left. The coaching is better, the practices are key though you practice with top end talent just to stick with the team you better be keeping up in practice.
But I'm not 100% on that side yet, hence the thread

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