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12-28-2012, 11:17 AM
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Yeah everyone said this was the most entertaining game of the tournament so far. Such a close game for sure (US lost 2-1).

Grimaldi needs to work on his turnovers and defense from what I saw. He was one of the most skilled puckhandlers on the ice which is saying something with some of the players in this game. But he seems to try to do a bit too much at times and did lead to a few turnovers and good chances for the Russians. His play without the puck though is fairly solid too, willing to play in the corners without fear, lays it all on the line (broke up a play on Kosov in the 3rd by stretching all 5'6" of his body out), keeps his feet moving all the time that he was able to make several plays from his knees basically. He looks like he's transitioning now to RW and will be fine playing there in the NHL in the future.

Trocheck had a solid game. Had a couple of really good plays and a couple of really bad plays too. I didnt focus on him too much during this game just because I felt like he's been asked to play a more defensive role on the 3rd line.

Kosov looked pretty good too out there. He drew the first penalty of the game (on Trocheck too) that led to the PP that the Russians scored on. Definitely could be an NHLer as a defensive forward who can PK and still chip in a little offensively. I think it'll be a number of yrs before he comes over and then it would be questionable if he ever wanted to.

This game kinda surprised me in some ways. I felt like the Russians were pretty soft for the most part (not surprising there) but the Americans couldnt take advantage of it. The Russians were so skilled that the Americans couldnt keep up with them. I thought that Housley would've tried to slow the game down more after the 1st period and really use the physical game to eliminate the Russians. Yakupov doesnt look like he'll be that good of a #1 overall pick but he'll be decent (in terms of impact, I kinda think he'll be like Rick Nash in terms of production & importance to a team).

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