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Originally Posted by CM PUNK View Post
to be fair on the flipside if the nhlpa comes back and says 'we'll accept everything you offered but cap next year needs to be 60.1 mil instead of 60 mil' bettman will storm out of the room screaming 'this isn't a negiotations, we are looking for a yes or no'

Fehr: "Hey, Gary, it's early in the morning, can your secretary get me a cup of coffee?"

Bettman: "This is an outrage. This is spending outside of the agreed upon pool. The owners have sacrificed so much. We gave you water even though we didn't have to. Half the owners were against me in giving you water. Look at their disturbed faces. After I gave you water, Jacobs was sitting in the corner crying like a scared little girl. And now you want coffee too? Is there no limit to how much you will ask? This isn't a negotiation. Sure, it may be called "CBA negotiations", but hell, we aren't negotiating, we want a yes or a no? We didn't hear a yes, so therefore, we'll go to our basement and play with ourselves for the next 3 weeks, refusing to acknowledge your presence."

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