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12-28-2012, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by du5566 View Post
Chances that all 700 players who voted on disbanding the union are fully aware that the NHLPA's offer to the owners is still at 4-6 percent away from the 50/50 split on revenue and what that truly means in regards to ending the lockout? 0 percent!
then you have no clue as to how Fehr has been operating.

The main problem in the last PA was that Goodenow and his negotiating team kept the players in the dark about how the negotiations were going which is why you had the Mutiny of the PA leadership and a deal done.

Fehr has invited each and every player to each and every negotiating session.

Fehr has been TOO transparent with the information that he has given the Union membership which is why they got a 706-22 vote to allow the Union to DOI.

The offers that the owners have been sending the players way have gone from completely unacceptable to less so. But EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THOSE OFFERS, sees the players giving on every issue and getting nothing back as an inducement to getting a deal done.

The players are being made to suffer because the league wants to punish teams for signing contracts that were 100% allowed and encouraged under the last CBA (if they weren't both allowed and encouraged the term Annual Average Value or AAV) would NOT have existed in that agreement.

So, while you and alot of other posters here can think that the Players are being mis-led in this negotiation, the overwhelming majority vote to DOI tells me that they all know exactly what is going on here and now, finally, have the leadership in place that they can trust to negotiate in their best interest and provide them with all of the information they want, or just attend the negotiating session if they want, something they were not allowed to do under the previous leadership group.

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