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12-28-2012, 11:43 AM
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Originally Posted by scid14 View Post
In my opinion. I like seeing Yak play the way his coach wants. Shows he can buy in to a coaches system. If he does that in Edmonton we are in for a treat because it won't be anything like the Russian coach is running at this tourney. I have faith in Ralph enough to use Yak to his full abilities.

Its not that he can't play in a tight checking game or that he needs it to be wide open to excel. Its all about running your systems, and he is still fighting a battle in that aspect.
Yeah, he's having trouble adjusting. I personally think that the KHL is a bad place for his development because it's such a wide open league with defense being optional so it's no wonder that he's having trouble in a tight checking environment.
Hopefully, Krueger can coach him up because Yakupov is a bit of a project at this point and he needs to be taught discipline while at the same time, not taking away from his offensive creativity. I know that a lot of folks around here are going to hate it but i have a feeling that Kreuger places Yakupov on the Horcoff line to start the year because coaches seem to value Horcoff's 2 way ability for some reason and i bet that they look at him as a mentor for Yak.

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