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12-28-2012, 11:46 AM
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Originally Posted by stuffradio View Post
All the players also will be out of jobs, and the owners would have to close their franchises.
lol people keep saying these players don't know whats good for them and they should be fighting for there own pay. Well if they take it to courts each player can sue for there own contract and get paid what they are owed and them some. So If the league closes down the players still get paid and these players win right? plus they make more then they would with triple paychecks coming their ways.

Btw the league would not shut down this is just what pro owners keep saying what will happen is that the league will file for bankruptcy. Then other owners will take over a lot of the teams for pennys on the dollar. Then a new set of owners will be in place but will have learned the lessons of the old owners don't screw the players to much...

Edit... F the 4th and 5th linemen they don't put BOS no one gives a darn about them only time they do is when it comes to negotiations. They will be out of the league in a year or 2 anyways so why should what they think even matter? They don't like it they can join the other leagues like they always do. Plus because they are other leagues they will be ok because they cant make less then they could in other leagues and will prob make more anyways

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