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12-28-2012, 12:14 PM
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Originally Posted by CupofOil View Post
Yeah, he's having trouble adjusting. I personally think that the KHL is a bad place for his development because it's such a wide open league with defense being optional so it's no wonder that he's having trouble in a tight checking environment.
Hopefully, Krueger can coach him up because Yakupov is a bit of a project at this point and he needs to be taught discipline while at the same time, not taking away from his offensive creativity. I know that a lot of folks around here are going to hate it but i have a feeling that Kreuger places Yakupov on the Horcoff line to start the year because coaches seem to value Horcoff's 2 way ability for some reason and i bet that they look at him as a mentor for Yak.

KHL teams would annihilate WJC clubs, and there are tight checking KHL teams too.

Varnakov is not using Yakupov is the right way and Yakupov is trying to do too much. Yakupov is not a player who should 'lead' or be the 'focal point' of an offense. Yakupov is at his best with a good center who can take the pressure off so he can weave in and out of traffic and do his magic.

Neftekhimik uses him in this manner and he's fantastic. If Edmonton uses him the same way Yakupov will do fine.

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