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12-28-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by ottawah View Post
They are not that close is the issue. If you analyze the players offer you realize they are asking for a huge amount of revenue. I ran the number in another thread, and even without their demands of compliance buyouts and make whole, the deal they are offering will pay players 56% of revenues if revenues rose by 4% a year (yeah,good luck with that ....). Complaince buyouts and make whole probably pushes it over 60%.

Quite simply the players are not offering anything close to 50 50. They are offering a floor of 50%, and a drag on salary above 50%, but that drag is limited to the point it will assuredly start well over 50%, probably over 60% and only slowly go down.

They really are still very far apart on economics.
Didn't the NHL agree to pay for make whole a while ago? As in the league is now offering something like 56% in the first year and decreasing to 50% in the long run.

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