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12-28-2012, 12:25 PM
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Originally Posted by Liferleafer View Post
Just back from a few good Christmas days off.....i'm hoping by your name that you are a Wing's fan. You seem to really be laying some HEAVY negativity on Luongo...and as a Leafs fan, we take enough heat for undue hatred toward him.

Just my opinion, but speaking to the cup finals (which seems to be your point of contention), the whole Canucks team took a big dump on the center ice dot in that series. The fact that they won 3 games while only scoring 8 goals in the entire series speaks volumes. Instead of saying "Luongo couldn't win that one last game...." why not say "how the Hell could the rest of that team not win 1 game for Luongo?".
And yet he allowed that same number of goals they scored in a single game, got yanked within 10 minutes in another, and many would say he played pretty poorly in a third. He played:

Most of his games were on one side of the spectrum or the other. He was inconsistent. Yes, he was great at times, but he was also awful at times. Being pulled from the game twice and getting a shutout twice in a 7 game series is not consistent play by any means.

As I've repeated myself several times, sure, maybe any other goalie couldn't have saved that team. But Luongo got completely embarrassed more than once. As awful as the defense may have been in front of him at times, it has to be acknowledged that Luongo was far from steady, and his level of play varied quite a bit in that single series.

Whether you want to say that he was horrifically inconsistent, or only slightly so, with the team's play making it more perceivable, that's up to you. But I think it's a heck of a stretch to say that it was entirely the team's fault and he was great every game. Even the worst defenses in the league wouldn't allow 15 goals in 112 minutes of play across 3 games if they had an elite, or even just decent goalie performance behind them for the entirety of this time. Luongo was great in parts of this series, but to some degree or another he was well below his talent level for at least 2 games, and not at his best for another.

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