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12-28-2012, 12:27 PM
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So if this is true, the players are countering, we'll see where it goes. If the NHL feels that this offer was NOT open to bargaining, except on a minor tweak scale, they may go forward and call bluff for DOI on Jan 2nd. At that point I would think optically the PA chooses to go the DOI route, because going past the 2nd means they have to vote again which the NHL takes to court saying "See? We made an offer before the 2nd, the PA rejected it but instead of taking the DOI on the 2nd, they voted AGAIN to DOI, which in our view shows that it was just a negotiation technique"

This isn't going to get solved over the weekend, and so Jan 2nd I think optics wise the PA disclaims interest, and takes the "lesser" bad optic of still trying to negotate white disclaiming interest.

I think if the PA disclaims interest, NHL says fine "fine, season's over" (quote from Garroich's "source" not withstanding)-because the NHL will claim "they are no longer a union, so therefore negotiating with them would be considered an Anti-trust issue-we'll have to work out how we bargain with a "trade organization" in this case (again this is all optics )

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