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12-28-2012, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by King Panther View Post
I dont think we will ever see people stop hating on Rocco. He's taken a very strong stance in his beliefs and is outspoken in promoting what he believes to be right. If his positions were a little more in line with the liberal media backed agenda (pro gay marriage, pro gun control, anti religion) then those same haters would love him. Instead you'll continue to see posts like the ones in this thread indefinitely. The bold will admit they hate him for his beliefs. The meek will say they cant quite put their fingers on why they hate him.
Enough of this crap.

A few of us have said we don't like his personality much. We've also stated numerous times that has nothing to do with how he develops on the ice.

Grimaldi didn't have a particularly good game. He is an interesting prospects with some flaws. We shall see how it develops.

Rather than this tedious, unintelligent "let the haters hate" mentality that seems to surface anytime people don't fall in line with the idealic romantic concept of glorious Panther propety, can you develop a brain please? You're calling him by his first name, using the word haters and say we have an agenda or bias?

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