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12-28-2012, 12:38 PM
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Originally Posted by FiLe View Post
But if we are to believe you, sir, one Aaltonen will apparently make all the difference.

Just get out of here. Doomsaying, such typical Finnish "fandom". It may give you a quantum of solace if the worst comes to pass when you can always gloat with a "told you so". But if they turn this over, you'll be out there partying with the rest of us. And full aware that nobody bothers to remind you of losing faith.

And save me all the "just being a realist" crap also. Acknowledging the possibility of losing is realistic. Saying it will happen for sure is nothing but pathetic.
Firstly, the team balance was lost when Aaltonen went out. It made this team weaker it should have but it did. Finland lacks quality forwards, after all, and Aaltonen was one of the few.

Secondly, this team cannot even dream of winning the top countries without sticking to a strict game plan. And it doesn't look like that. Armia is a fine example. Too good to bother.

A medal would be a big surprise. But if they can turn this over I'm more than ready to admit I was wrong.

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