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12-28-2012, 12:39 PM
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Details of offer, per ESPN

Some snips...

• Ten-Year Agreement (through 2021/22 season); Parties have mutual opt-out right after 8 years.

• 50-50 Revenue Split between Clubs and Players with current HRR Accounting.

• No contractual “roll backs” of Player Salaries.

• Clubs can operate with an effective Upper Limit of $70.2 million in 2012/13; must
come into compliance with $60 million Upper Limit for the start of the 2013/14

• Each Club will be entitled to execute up to one “Compliance Buy-Out” prior to the
2013/14 season pursuant to which payments made to the Player will not be charged
against the team’s Cap, but will be charged against the Players’ Share.

• Establishment of a Defined Benefit Pension Plan that will provide maximum
permissible benefits to Players upon retirement. The Plan will be funded with
contributions out of Players’ Share and $50 million of the “Make-Whole” payment
amount of $300 million will be allocated and set aside to fund potential underfunding
liabilities of the Plan at end of CBA.

• Money paid (above a defined threshold) to Players on NHL SPCs in another
professional league (e.g., the AHL or a European league) will be charged against the
NHL team’s Cap, but not against the Players’ Share.

• More robust League-wide Revenue Sharing Program (increased pool from
approximately $150 million to $200 million) with creation of Industry Growth Fund to
improve the long-term revenue generating potential of the League and low-grossing
Clubs. Formation of active Revenue Sharing Oversight Committee on which NHLPA
will participate.

• Flexibility-related adjustments to Payroll Range System, including (in addition to
Salary/Cap Charge allocation in Player trades):
1. Lower Limit obligation without performance bonuses;
2. Elimination of Re-Entry Waivers;
3. Creation of Salary Cap exceptions for emergency roster situations/goaltender
4. Waiver exemptions for mid-season signings of Club’s own European Players;
5. Availability of Performance Bonus Cushion in every year of the CBA;
6. Creation of “interview period” for Unrestricted Free Agents

• Various Player contract enhancements and protections, including:
1. Early activation of “No Move/No Trade” clauses in contract extensions;
2. Additional restrictions on Club “buy-out” rights of Player contracts;
3. Modified Waiver obligations for Clubs / enhanced Waiver opportunities for
4. Standardization of reimbursements and benefits related to Player
assignments (trades, loans, recalls, etc.);
5. Continued increases in League Minimum Salary and Per Diem;
6. Playoff Pool increased from $6.5 million to $13 million in Year 1; additional
regular increases over the balance of the CBA term;
7. All minor league salary paid in USD;
8. Liberalized “Cap treatment” standards for Club initiatives benefitting Players,
such as “parent-son” road trips; milestone awards/gifts; parental travel and
lodging for attendance at EL Player games, Club provision of various types of
“professional development”-type services for Players, etc.

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