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12-28-2012, 12:42 PM
Change is good.
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Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
It's not dealing from a position of strength if that's what the belief is, no... but it's not that bad if there are multiple suitors betting against each other.
Exactly. The Rangers' known need to deal him is immediately rendered irrelevant by the auction dynamic the moment you have more than one team involved. Look at the Dickey deal in baseball for a fresh example. Everyone knew the Wilpons couldn't afford to keep him and yet Toronto paid through the NOSE to get him because that's what it took to have the winning bid.

Originally Posted by Stasis View Post
Also, this assumption is based on the cap going down to $60M. We don't know that to be a sure thing yet. A $64M-$65M cap likely means we can keep him.
Also true - not a done deal yet.

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