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Originally Posted by i am dave View Post
I'm interested in hearing theories as to how cancellation of the season in any way benefits the players. At that point, the owners are dug in and hold all the cards. They're not losing pay checks.
The average player would have made more money in their career if they had accpeted the leagues best offer to play 82 games vs losing a whole season and playing next at the 57% CBA they had last year. So in essence the average player (avg salary avg career length) has already lost the ability to maximize their career earnings, expecially considering that even losing a whole season would not get them the 57% they had last year.

The argument ofcourse can be made that this is for the beenfit of future players, not just the current ones. So in the long run, on aggregate, all players together benefit more by losing the whole season and gettign a better deal cause of it. That's essentially impossible to calculate cause of the unknonw effect on the business the lost seaosn will have.

Now if the lost season results in a disbanded union and free agency for everyone. IT could be argued that the players would in fact gain more, cause of the free spending ways of foolish owners pre-salary cap. Conversely though, one could argue the "competitive balance" created by the cap is the whole reason the leagues revenues grew so high, so an era of haves vs have nots would decrease over all revenues and the average player salary.

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