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12-28-2012, 02:29 PM
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Oh, c'mon. Whenever had we had a NT tournament, no matter the end result and age level, with absolutely zero drama? The last time we came even close was in Turin. And even after that, we've had some medals, even a championship.

We lost to the Czech Republic. I repeat, the Czech Republic. Last time I checked, they were a legitimate hockey power who have a team here that is not full of pushovers. Yes, we had and have even better individuals, but one thing being a Finnish hockey fan should have taught us is that the better team on paper does not always win. It's admittedly a strange feeling being on the side of the favorite and losing, but on the larger scale there is nothing world-turning here. Yet some of you are behaving as if the next game was already lost as well.

Can I say we will win it? No, and neither can I say that we will medal. But neither can you say that we can't.

One of the biggest reasons I believe we still have a chance to turn this is because we seem to actually have coaches who are willing to try different things instead of just magically sticking to the predetermined plan, hoping it will click in the end. We actually got a pretty decent giveaway of that with today's game. Who was the extra attacker they sent out after they pulled the goalie? Not exactly somebody you'd have expected.

Some may see a brainfart in it, I see the right mentality to actually try something different. Whether it'll work in the end is a whole another story, but there is nothing in the history that suggests it couldn't.
The Czechs have been worse than us in the WJCs lately, last year we beat them clearly with worse material and worse coaching. I don't think the CZE-SWE game this year necessarily showed the truth about the Czechs' level, but still, this was a game we should have won. Losing to the Czechs today doesn't automatically mean we'll get crushed by the Swedes, but it does put more pressure on the team. The SWE-FIN game should motivate both teams and it could be quite even, as the Swedes haven't looked that hot so far either.

However, with the kind of lackluster performance that was seen from many of our players today, we will seriously struggle to beat the Swiss (assuming they play as well as they did today). The under performing and selfish plays need to stop right now.

I get what you're saying, though, it was so annoying when last spring almost everyone was practically slitting their wrists after the catastrophic USA loss on Mother's Day and they were all so convinced that we couldn't beat the USA in the QF. I wasn't among those people, because that team had a true leader and a quality coach and I believed they could fix things, and they did. Still, this team doesn't have a Mikko Koivu, neither Rindell or Valtonen is J. Jalonen and we're talking about a bunch of teenagers, not grown men. I'm not saying they can't fix it this time, but to you it seems more likely than to me.

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