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12-28-2012, 01:41 PM
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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
I think there are some legitimately concerning areas of Yakupov's game. Granted, I haven't seen him a ton but I've seen him in the WJC and a reasonable number of Sarnia games (none in the KHL). He seems to have some Afinogenov to his game. If a defender is patient (as McCabe did a few times today), he will literally stick-handle himself right out of scoring chances (and often, into turnovers).

Also, can we all agree that Camara hit was a clean hit? Hopefully the kid on the receiving end is ok but that hit was beautiful.

Also, what are takes on Jones' play on the GWG? I've seen a lot of people raking him over the coals for it, which is understandable because it resulted in a crucial goal. However, I thought he did an ok job forcing Nichushkin wide (despite Nichushkin having a full head of steam) and Nichushkin made a great play to get to the net but lost the puck and it was put in by the trailer. Jones' job is to force the guy wide there and keep him out of the middle, which he did but then Nichushkin made a play to try to drive the net but lost the puck. From there, it's not Jones' responsibility to puck up the trailing player. I don't know, just my take.
The russian player got in front of the net before he lost the puck. Jones needs to either take his man into the boards there or knock the puck somewhere other than in front of the net. He did neither.

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