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Originally Posted by tantalum View Post
There is no blood in the water to really smell. The NHL is not really moving on any of the financial bottom line issues and have hammered away at things enough that the contract loopholes will be closed up to a significant degree.

This offer is written up for a reason in what is likely a fully executable form for a reason and that reason extends beyond any potential court dates. That reason is the NHL is done moving on any of the issues that fundamentally affect the bottom line (full linkage 50% share, major contract loopholes). They are telling the PA to feel free to nibble along the edges and tailor things more to your favour but stay away from the true money issues. We aren't really interested in discussing those any longer. The massive leak of details is also a straight offer to the players to look at the complete deal and pressure the PA leadership to settle if it is pleasing to them.
The PA's last counter offer to the owners had around 54-55 percent of the revenue going to the players even though the owners made it clear that 50/50 was the only split they are willing to agree to. So why would anyone think that the PA lead by Fehr will not again counter with a revenue split above 50/50?

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