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12-28-2012, 01:49 PM
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Yeah I agree with Dylan not losing the fight. A twenty year old rookie in his pro season debut taking on one of the toughest in the AHL more than handled his own. Both guys threw bombs, but none got the TKO that they were looking for.

Dylan was brought along slowly last night and played 3rd pair mins, but he did get in the minds of a lot of the Bridgeport players. I enjoyed the tone setting hits and the fight he delivered, I hope some of the guys down there rally around him

HFD has been plagued with career AHLers dogging it in for the whole season, so I expect a vastly different roster next year. Take a look at Newbs for example, and ask yourself why isn't this guy wearing the 'C'.

Newb's someone that plays hard, leads the team in scoring, first unit ice-time on the PP, PK, and at EV, drops the gloves, and is tough to play against... but why doesn't he have the 'C'? Well its because he takes selfish penalty after selfish penalty.

And that mindset, putting your own needs ahead of the guys next to you; has carried its self down the roster. Too many guys are just skating out their ice time and collecting their checks, I don't know if they're demoralized at not being able to have the chance to play in the NHL or what.

I hate that Tessier, the worst player on the team in my mind is earning some prime ice time, but he's earned with through his effort level, if HFD could get someone with more ability to step up, then this team would be worth cheering for.

Kolarik has stepped it up, but he's been spotty, Chad needs to take note with Miller away, and Kreider playing without a sense of purpose, that he has to be the go to guy, and HFD has won games when Kolarik has been the guy playing with a high motor and producing.

Speaking of Kreider, all the tools are there, but I think he needs some time to sort out the cobwebs within himself. He doesn't have that killer's edge that a lot of the snipers have. The more I see him, the more I think he ends up as a Eric Cole clone, inconsistency and all. If he was giving the same effort and producing the same results he has been for HFD so far, there is no way he would be playing top 6 mins under Torts.

I can't believe he hasn't realized that if he competes harder than the guys on the other side, shift in-shift out, that he just plays harder every shift, then he will break through on the score sheet more often.

He is athletically gifted enough that maybe a handful of defencemen in the world can keep up with him, but Chris needs to get that they must withstand whatever he dishes out to contain him, he isn't going to out smart or intimidate anyone into making things easy for him at the pro level. Its a #Grind Chris, its a ****** grind.

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