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Originally Posted by The Saurus View Post
Hear, hear.

The WJHCs from the mid-90s were spectacular hockey, especially when the Canadians went to Europe to play. But ever since then, the tournament has exploded in Canada and it just doesn't feel as fun to watch as it once did.

The Spengler Cup, on the other hand, is just great hockey in one of the most beautiful settings in Europe / the world. I'm also amazed at the atmosphere.

Switzerland is one of my favourite countries in the world as well.

Holding it in Canada (or a USA border town) for so many years running has had the opposite effect as TSN had hoped. The tournament has lost it's lustre. It went from a romantic little tournament, where our valiant kids left their families at Christmas to visit the far flung corners of Europe to battle the odds and play for their country.

It has since become just like any other over produced TSN product. Glitzy, over-hyped, and incapable of delivering on it's promise.

The Spengler Cup has retained all of it's charm.

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