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12-28-2012, 01:54 PM
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Originally Posted by doug5984 View Post
Agree with what others have said, if it is just a mirror game and all new teams go to Server 2 and Server 1 dries up- I'll be pissed and maybe just walk away. Too much time invested to just throw away and be in a last man standing situation.

I really like the idea of a junior / developmental squad, something along the lines of a U20. This could also solve their issues with new teams not being competitive in the big leagues- if a new team came in and focused on building their developmental squad they could conceivable compete in that arena much quicker than in the the same time it allows them to build their major team slowly so they'll eventually be very competitive there
There is some serious chatter in the admin thread about this. Mind if I post your statement verbatim? I recommended and then elaborated on the junior squad and there is quite a movement for it. Not sure who came up with it but anyways...

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