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Originally Posted by hawksfan50 View Post
NEITHER is top six material -if you are getting excited about bottom sixers-then i pity us in the future as other teams top six level prospects stars for them while our bottom sixers hardly make a dent of significant "difference" ...Lots of first rounders fail to become significant difference -makers -I think itis safe to project neither of these 2 will either...This is not to say both can't help in certain roles as third and fourth liners -buut we usually do not make that much a fuss about such types -McNeill is good at face-offs --so is Hayes---so at least in that area lacking for so many years onour team--at least that "role" player bottom 2 line C is useful ..

McNeill was never much of a good +/- guy till PA improved their team play this year -but I still wouldn't call him a "shutdown" centre---and Hayes is -5 on a very good BC team with Gaudreau Mullane and Whitney being in the +13 to +16 range -so obviously Hayes is no Selke candidate either ..In other words--while both Mcneill and Hayes have some decent attributes theu also have flaws wich make then not the 'perfect" bottom 2 line centre solutions a mixed bag of skeptical "doubts' as to how much "help" they really will be?
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