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Originally Posted by Rainbow Express View Post
They got #1 right.

If one is to consider all teams in any and every territory/promotion then E & C aren't #1 (still in my Top 5 all time) because they both made a name for themselves as a team and singles and they only teamed for 3 years (whereas Road Warriors teamed for decades and were only ever over as LOD/RW), but their success and the ability they showed in the WWF over the span of 3 years they teamed is unmatched.
I disagree. I think Demolition should have been #1. Longest single title reign + Overall Time as Champions is far greater than 7x as champions for not even 1/3 the time.

Don't misunderstand I think E&C should be top 3 for sure but not #1. I apprecaite the inovation that E&C brought to the Tag Division and I loved them but Demolition should be considered the best WWF/WWE tag team of all time.

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