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12-28-2012, 02:18 PM
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Originally Posted by OnMyOwn View Post
Who is to say the pirates aren't pitiful this year and hammers struggles with velocity and control continue, leading to blown saves and limited save opportunities?

Then you have a soon to be FA that isn't worth a damn trying to unload'd be lucky to get two prospects for him.

I think you're severely overrating or overvaluing hammer here, and at the same time not giving melancon any value at all.
I honestly don't think much of a worse return couldve been obtained regardless of how this year turned out for Hammer. Melancon is about the only useful return in this trade and it's just a wash between him and Hanrahan. Yes he's cheaper but that will only last one year as he already has slightly over 2 years service time and after this season he will be arbitration eligible and if he's used in any meaningful way his salary will inflate greatly next offseason. The others returned in the trade are just absolute trash and that's what sickens me about this. Hanrahan isnt an old fart, he was lights out for a very long stretch of time and basically crapped out when the bulk of the team crapped out. Funny though a lot of us here arent calling many of the other players who crapped out during that stretch as trash. It was only the last 2 months of the season that Hanrahan stopped posting those great numbers. Andrew McCutchen happened to also come down to earth during that same stretch of time but nobody seems to be assuming he's a pile of trash that wont help the team win.

Look at those splits, even August was certainly decent, it was only September's stats that are not good and even then they arent entirely hideous.

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