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Originally Posted by Xref View Post
$3.3 billion x 50%/30 teams = $55 million max salary cap. Add 10% growth, and you're at $60 million. The "no contractual salary roll backs" clause may play into this somehow. I'm awaiting clarification on what that really means.
"No contractual salary rollbacks" simply means that there will be no across-the-board reduction in dollar amounts stated on contracts. Owners will write checks to the players based on what amount is stated on their current contracts. That being said, those amounts will be subject to the escrow mechanism and effectively reduce the actual amount recieved by the players, at least until revenue growth reaches a certain level.

In 2005 there was a salary rollback in the tune of 24%. In other words, for every year remaining on Player X's contract, the stated salary amount was reduced by 24%, then the rest subject to escrow.

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