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Originally Posted by Dado View Post
Had to read that twice - correct me if I'm misinterpreting - are you suggesting that perhaps the reason Fehr took this giant step downwards from MLB is because there might be an historic/legacy opportunity re: decertification?

If I've read you right, I'm inclined to agree.
Well it can't be just to make a deal, right? Anyone could do that. Paul Kelly could've done that.

But a fight against a league and ownership group that cancelled a season to get the one thing Fehr dislikes the most? Getting hired by a PA that expressly didn't want a cap in either 94-95, or 04-05?

The NHL may not be a popular league, but it is a professional one. If we're talking about some historic opportunity in terms of labor issues, is there a better league to try it out than in this one? Maybe Fehr agrees to a deal that involves a cap, but it is Donald Fehr we're talking about.

That's just been my question since Fehr took the PA job. Why? Why basically come out of retirement for the NHLPA job? What's in it for Donald Fehr? A job for his brother? Is it just to minimize losses, or is it something else? At least we're yet another day closer to finding that out.

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